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Event πŸ‘¨β€πŸ’Ό

We are happy to join Geran Vakdagen, an event organized by our partner Geran Handel B.V.
A two days in the Netherlands that we are pleased to promote and which will offer the opportunity to get to know the products and latest news from MECCANICA FADINI πŸ’ͺ

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Cerea (Verona), 30-31 May 2023.

Collaboration and consolidation.

Guest on these days our Belgian partner A and S.
An important technical-commercial meeting to present the new FADINI products and show the production dynamics within our company.

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Cerea (Verona), 18-19 April 2023.

In these days we had the pleasure of hosting our Polish partner BRAMAR M. RaczyΕ„ski, R. RaczyΕ„ski Sp. J.
An interesting technical-commercial meeting to study FADINI products and an important opportunity to strengthen the collaboration between the two companies, illustrate the production systems and the latest news on the market.

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On Tuesday 29 November 2022 FADINI Team will be in the Netherlands.

Our partner Geran will host us for a technical sales meeting, during which we will present products and the latest MECCANICA FADINI innovations.

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